Table of Organization


Peace and Long Life

Dogmatism and Fanaticism

The Dominion of Fear


Poetry and Song

Stage and Screen

Live Long and Prosper

Categories and Dimensions

Global Civilization

Ministry of Love

Ministry of Peace

Ministry of Plenty

Ministry of Truth

Values and Virtues

Global War On Disinformation

Theater of Operations


Green Army
Blue Army

Global War On Disinformation

Theater of Operations

Balance of Forces


2010 11 29 — COP16/CMP6 at Cancun

2012 11 28 — COP17/CMP7 at Durban

Green Army

Theory and Doctrine

Finance, Research and Development

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Australian Academy of Science

Australian Centre for Independent Journalism

Center for Strategic and International Studies and Center for a New American Security
Climate Change Research Centre
Climate Council
Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation
Cultural Cognition Project

Global Change Institute

Grattan Institute

Independent Media Inquiry
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
International Energy Agency
Royal Society

Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Strategic Studies Institute

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

World Bank



Australian Broadcasting Corporation
British Broadcasting Corporation
The Conversation

The Economist

Future Leaders

The Guardian

The Monthly

Philosophy Now
Public Broadcasting Service
Quarterly Essay

Scientific American
Technology, Entertainment and Design

Persons of Interest

Barnett, Paul

Blyth, Mark

Darwin, Charles

Das, Satyajit

Ferguson, Charles

Flannery, Tim
Gore, Al

Haidt, Jonathan

Hansen, James

Houghton, John
Jackson, Tim
Johnson, Lyndon

Kennedy, John

Lewis, Michael

Manne, Robert

Megalogenis, George

Oreskes, Naomi Pearse, Guy

Piketty, Thomas

Probert, Belinda
Putnam, Robert

Ricard, Matthieu

Roosevelt, Franklin

Russell, Bertrand
Sagan, Carl

Singer, Peter

Truman, Harry

Wilkinson, Richard

Wilson, Woodrow

Blue Army

Theory and Doctrine

Finance, Research and Development

Koch Industries



Persons of Interest

Abbott, Tony

Bolt, Andrew

Bush, George H W

Bush, George W
Clérel, Alexis (Tocqueville)

Friedman, Milton

Fukuyama, Francis

Koch Brothers

Murdoch, Rupert

Nixon, Richard

Roosevelt, Theodore

Spencer, Roy

Switzer, Tom

Trump, Donald