July 9, 2017


Free Market of Ideas


Posts Carl Sagan: Necessary Evil
Links Michele Goodwin: Pregnancy, Poverty and the State
Sara Gorman: Why we deny the science
Mubin Shaikh: Why Did a Former Extremist Go Undercover To Fight Terrorism?
Shabana Basij-Rasikh: Under The Taliban, How Can A Girl Attend School Undercover?
Ministry of Plenty: Wealth and Income in the United States


Posts Jospeh Stiglitz: The Triumph of the Right
Milton Friedman: The Natural Order of Things
Links Sam Kass: Can Free Breakfast Improve Learning?
Four Corners: Malcolm in a Muddle
Thomas Piketty: Why the top tax rate could be over 80%
Jonathan Sacks: Does Our Future Depend On More Dialogue?


Posts Sullivan Ballou: Dear Sarah
Lewis Powell: The Attack on the American Free Enterprise System
Links Bret Stephens: The intellectual decline of American conservatism
Robert Spitzer: Why Las Vegas won't change US gun laws
John Quiggin: High Court rejects move to reverse penalty rate cuts
John Quiggin: Infrastructure investment


Posts George Orwell: The Arc of History
George W Bush: Faith Based Intelligence
Dick Cheney: The Slide Into Barbarism
Catalyst: Cassini-Huygens
Ministry of Peace: The Sum of All Fears
Links Michael Mann: Climate Change Denial in the Age of Trump
The Money: Australia's great game of mates
Naomi Oreskes: Harvard study on ExxonMobil's climate change communication
Tim Flannery: Can seaweed save the planet?
Tim Flannery: Atmosphere of Hope
Witness: George Orwell and Animal Farm
Witness: The George Wallace Assassination Attempt
Alistair Cooke: George Wallace


Posts Jane Mayer: North Carolina — A Model Libertarian State
Julia Beard: Wives, submit to your husbands
Gillian Triggs: A well founded fear of persecution
Voyager: To Infinity and Beyond!
Links Katherine Eban: The Torture Psychologists
ABC News: Women told to endure domestic violence in the name of God
ABC News: Domestic violence and Islam
All In The Mind: First impressions—the face bias
Seth Stephens-Davidowitz: Everybody lies
Autralian Academy of Science: Funding and direction of Australian climate science research needs an overhaul
Dan Gilbert: When Do We Become The Final Version of Ourselves?
Laura Carstensen: Why Should We Look Forward To Getting Older?


Posts Greg Bear: All Flesh is Grass
Anthony Grayling: God is the name of our ignorance
Trump's America: A House Divided
CSIRO: State of the Climate 2016
Links Naomi Oreskes: The scientist as sentinel
Matthieu Ricard: Contemplating Happiness
The Documentary: The Origins of the American Dream
Tim Jackson: Can economies thrive without growth?
Kate Pickett: Inequality is bad for everyone, why isn't it getting better?
The Documentary: America’s Story — President Trump
The Documentary: America’s Story — My 100 Days
The Documentary: The Battle for Raqqa


Posts Brendan O'Neill: The Freedom to Hate
Peace And Long Life: On Tolerance
John Howard: The Master of Race Politics
John Howard: A Generous Open-Hearted People
Franklin Roosevelt: Economic Slavery
Donald Trump: The Most Powerful Man in the Universe
Robert Manne: Culture War — Historical Denialism and the Stolen Generations
Vannevar Bush: As We May Think
Links Brahma Challaney: Saudi Arabia — State Sponsor of Terrorism
Jane Mayer: In the Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, the Koch Brothers’ Campaign Becomes Overt
Peter Singer: How Can We Be More Effective Altruists?
Abigail Marsh: Are We Wired To Be Altruistic?
Joseph Carens: The moral maze of refugees and migration
Alain de Botton: What's A Kinder Way To Frame Success?


Posts Yuval Harari: Homo Deus — Divine Man
Yuval Harari: Homo Sapiens — Wise Man
Michel de Montaigne: My local witches
Michel de Montaigne: On being
Michel de Montaigne: Death is a scene with one character
Les Murray: An Ode to Pauline Hanson
Simon Marginson: The New Gilded Age
Rear Vision: Perfecting the White Race
Links Pauline Hanson: The Perfect Liberal
Robert Manne: Breeding out the colour
Matt Bevan: Trump gives himself an 80% tax cut
Matt Bevan: Trump and Putin
Science Friction: The Global War on Science
The Money: Populate and Perish
Yuval Harari: Why Did Humans Become The Most Successful Species On Earth?
Elizabeth Lesser: Why Is It So Hard To Ask For — And Offer — Forgiveness?
Anne Manne: Rape among the lamingtons
Nick Hanauer: Beyond the dreams of avarice


Posts Edward Gibbon: Of Jews and Christians
John Galbraith: The Next Bubble
Cultural Total War: The Global War on Political Correctness
Waleed Aly: The Enemy Within
Rosalie Crestani: Rise Up Australia!
James McPhersen: Freedom is not possible without slavery
Peace and Long Life: Cosmological Fine Tuning
High Mackay: The state of the nation starts in your street
Cosmos: Carbon Capture and Storage
Four Corners: Please Explain
John van Tiggelen: After Sorry
Links Bob Inglis: Political climate changing?
Ann Pettifor: How to Break the Power of the Banks
Svend Brinkmann: How to Resist the Self-Improvement Craze
Rutger Bregman: Utopia for Realists


Posts John Rasko: Trump's Pharmaceutical Plan
Love is a Warm Gun: Sandy Hook
Malcolm Turnbull: Coal is King
Thomas Piketty: A Recipe for Right Wing Revolt
Thomas Piketty: How Much Does the Richest Woman in History Pay in Taxes?
William Gibson: Idoru
Dylan Thomas: Under Milkwood
Michel de Montaigne: On fleeing from pleasures at the cost of one's life
Bertrand Russell: Contempt for Happiness
Four Corners: Alternative Medicine
Peace and Long Life: Freedom (of Action) Without (Freedom of) Will
Live Long and Prosper: Society Versus Community
Links Naomi Oreskes: Why Should We Believe In Science?
Maz Jobrani: Can Comedy Break Stereotypes?
Paul Bloom: Why Do We Create Stereotypes?
Satyajit Das: Consuming our future
Tim Berners-Lee: How Did The World Wide Web Start?
Clay Shirky: Can Open Source Be Traced To The 17th-Century?
Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world


Posts Alistair Cooke: Saving Capitalism
Martin King: Free at Last
John Quiggin: An Epidemic of Laziness
George Orwell: The Lion and the Unicorn
David Biello: China leads the way on climate change
Tom Switzer: Against Public Broadcasting
Links Dorothy Roberts: What's Race Got to Do with Medicine?
Laurence Cockroft & Anne-Christine Wegener: On Corruption
Mark Blyth: Global Trumpism
Thomas Frank: Why Hillary Lost
William Perry: Nuclear Insecurity in the 21st Century
BBC World Service: Eugenics in America


Posts Tom Switzer: The Wrong Side of History
John Kennedy: The Common Enemies of Mankind
Martin Luther: On the Jews and Their Lies
Donald Trump: Ignorance is Strength
Links Scientific American: Trump's 5 Most “Anti-Science” Moves
Discovery: The Future of the Paris Climate Deal under Donald Trump
Suzanne Barakat: After A Horrible Hate Crime, How Do You Not Hate Back?
Earshot: The Seven Ages of Woman
Andrew Solomon: Is There A Healthy Way To Think About Depression?

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