October 31, 2016


Free Market of Ideas


Posts Scott Stephens: In Praise of Aristocracy
Mary Kissel: In Trump We Trust
Judd Legum: Government of the People, by the President, for the President (and his family)
Nick Minchin: The Benefits of Smoking
Robert Nozick: Taxation = Slavery
Peace and Long Life: The Rage of the Powerless
Scott Stephens: An Orgy of Free Thinking
Background Briefing: Extreme Weather Events and Energy Security
The Science Show: Tackling air pollution in China
Links Rear Vision: Renewable energy and the national grid
Jonathan Haidt: Capitalism and Morality
Tim Buckley: Global energy futures
Science Advances: Accelerated modern human–induced species losses — Entering the sixth mass extinction
PNAS: Climate change in the Fertile Crescent and implications of the recent Syrian drought
Current Biology: The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism across the World
Steve Inskeep: Donald Trump and the Legacy of Andrew Jackson


Posts Ministry of Plenty: Justice = Equality of Freedom
Richard Nixon: They're trying to destroy us
William Grey: Participatory Democracy and Majoritarian Tyranny
Innovation Nation: Catalyst Cancelled
Robert Taney: Property Rights Versus Human Rights
Bertrand Russell: Locke, Stalin and Hitler
Rachel Warren: Dangerous Interference With The Climate System
Links Matt Bai: President Narcissus
Reith Lectures: Mistaken Identities — Creed, Country, Colour, Culture
Thomas Frank: Plutocratic Progressivism
Four Corners: Deliberate Cruelty


28 Post Robert Putnam: A World Without Trust
Link Nick O' Malley: Inside Team Trump
Four Corners: For Better or Worse
20 Post Scott Heron: Pause? What Pause?
Dean Ashenden: Who Killed Gonski?
Link Dean Ashenden: Fact checking school funding
19 Post Anne Case & Angus Deaton: Rising mortality among white middle-aged Americans in the 21st century
13 Post William Goetzmann: Debt and Deficit in 18th Century Britain
12 Post Fillette Uwase: Rice and Chips
11 Post George W Bush: Saving Lives
Erasmus Darwin: World Without End!
Link Ian Lowe: The Lucky Country?
7 Link Background Briefing: Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change
1 Link Paddy Manning: A Good Hard Look At The Greens
In Our Time: Zeno's Paradoxes


30 Post John Quiggin: Crisis? What Crisis?
30 Link John Quiggin: Innovation — the test is yet to come
John Quiggin: How New Zealand fell further behind
26 Post Robert Menzies: Lifters and Leaners
13 Post George Megalogenis: Tax Cuts for the Rich, Spending Cuts for the Poor
9 Link Michael Marmot: Advvancing Australia Fairly — Social Justice and the Health Gap


19 Post Roy Spencer: Christians For Carbon
13 Post Grattan Institute: Orange Book 2016 — Priorities for the next Commonwealth Government


27 Post Babbage and Lovelace
18 Post Malcolm Turnbull: The Pretty Face Of An Ugly Party
16 Link Andrew Solomon: Family
15 Link Madeline Gleeso: Offshore processing of asylum seekers
Bill Schneider: Donald Trump
Big Ideas: Grattan Institute's election policy
11 Post First Australians: There is No Other Law
9 Post Malcolm Turnbull: The Australian Gulag
6 Post John Stuart Mill: Culture Without Freedom
5 Post Alexis de Tocqueville: Materialism


27 Post Amanda Vanstone: Small Government Liberalism
21 Link John Veron: The End of Coral
17 Post Francis Fukuyama: Political Order and Decay
11 Post Larry Marshall: No profit in climate change research
3 Link Background Briefing: The Inconvenient Scientists


11 Link TED Radio Hour: How Do We Move Beyond The Darkest Moments In Our Lives?
9 Post Live Long and Prosper: The Needs of the Many


20 Link Rear Vision: Australia's Mining Boom — A Missed Opportunity
12 Post Scientific American: Population vs Religion
10 Link Melissa Fleming: More Children Overboard


28 Link The Science Show: Been there done that — CSIRO's attitude to climate science
16 Post Live Long and Prosper: Love is a Warm Gun


28 Post Tony Abbott: The Logic of Bigotry — Muslims, Terrorists, and Refugees
21 Post Isaiah Berlin: The bright and cloudless civilisation of the future
11 Link David Eagleman: The story of your brain
8 Link A History of Ideas: Ayn Rand and Selfishness
7 Link The Report: Iraq, 2003
5 Link The Infinite Monkey Cage: What is Race?
Seriously: Trump and the Politics of Paranoia
Costing The Earth: In Conversation with David Attenborough
Catalyst: World Fire


17 Post Rudyard Kipling: Mesopotamia
16 Post Karl Popper: Faith in Reason
13 Post David Hume: The Merit of Ignorance
10 Post Georg Hegel: The End of History

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