August 31, 2015


Free Market of Ideas


20 Post CSIRO: Public Opinion About Climate Change — Australia
18 Post International Energy Agency: The 6°C Scenario
10 Post PBS Frontline: A Duty to Protect
Greg Bear: The End of War
9 Post Michael Shermer: Climate Change Skeptic
3 Link Steve Silberman: Asperger vs Kanner


27 Post World Meteorological Organization: 2015 likely to be Warmest on Record
Link International Energy Agency: Global energy-related emissions of carbon dioxide stalled in 2014
World Meteorological Organization: Global average concentration of CO2 crosses the 400 ppm barrier
World Meteorological Organization: The El NiƱo of 2015-2016
26 Link Rich Benjamin: My Fellow Americans
24 Post Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson: The Privatization of Science
16 Post Peace and Long Life: The Meanings of Life
6 Post Clive Hamilton: Four Degrees and Beyond


25 Link Peter Clifton: The cholesterol and statin debate
19 Post George W Bush: Liberty for wolves (is death to lambs)
John: The Truth Will Set You Free
17 Post Scientific American: Faith Based Climate Science
Brendan O'Neill: Left Wing Anti-Environmentalism


23 Post Thomas Piketty: Plutocratic Oligarchy
Donald Rumsfeld: What We Know
6 Post Live Long and Prosper: The Needs of the Many


20 Post Naomi Oreskes: Corrupting Science
17 Post Michael Lewis: High Frequency Theft
15 Post Andrew Zammit: Australian Foreign Fighters — Risks and Responses
9 Post Simon Marginson: The Eye of the Needle
Link The Politics of Fear
4 Post Curtis LeMay: America's Greatest Defeat


31 Link Francis Fukuyama: Neocon no more
25 Post Scientific American: Sacrificing Water for Meat
24 Post Joseph Stiglitz: German Hypocrisy
15 Post George W Bush: American Justice
8 Post Advance Australia Fair
Would you like to do more (about climate change)?
IPCC: Carbon Capture and Storage
6 Post Jane Gleeson-White: The Cost Of Doing Business
George Marshall: Cash on the Wellhead
5 Post Michael Sandel: Market Triumphalism vs Civic Virtue


29 Link Toby Matthiesen: Sectarianism in Saudi Arabia
25 Post Costa Rica Leads the World
Tim Flannery: Carbon Capture and Storage
Frank Luntz: Compelling Lies vs Prosaic Truths
24 Post Public Opinion on Climate Change: Vocal Minority vs Silent Majority
Link Colby Coash: The conservative Republican fighting to end the death penalty in the US
23 Link Why fund rail when roads are our future?
22 Post Iraq: Losing the Peace
Fred Palmer: Eternal Summer
George W Bush: Saving Lives
21 Post Tony Abbott: Minister for Coal
19 Post Tim Flannery: Adapting to Climate Change
Tim Flannery: Carbon Nation
Antiscience: Vaccination
Rachel Carsons: Under the Sea-Wind
17 Post Charles Darwin: A Damnable Doctrine
16 Post James Murdoch: A Better Society
15 Link Laura Dawes: Can wind farms cause sickness?
David Isay: How Do We Change When We Really Listen To The People We Love?
Evelyn Glennie: How Do We Listen When We're Unable to Hear?
12 Post Nick Minchin: The Benefits of Smoking
Tom Switzer: Climate Hysteria
9 Post Ha Joon Chang: Political Economy


30 Link Five Year Old Queue Jumper Imprisoned on Desert Island
28 Post George W Bush: God's Gift to Humanity
Rebekah Brooks: The £11 Million Woman
25 Post Philip Pettit: Two Conceptions of Liberty
Link Four Corners: Democracy For Sale
Satyajit Das: Update on global markets
21 Post Climate Change 2014: Extreme events
Climate Change 2014: Exposure and vulnerability
Climate Change 2014: Human responses to climate change — adaptation and mitigation
20 Post Climate Change 2014: Attribution of climate changes and impacts
19 Post Climate Change 2014: Past and recent drivers of climate change
18 Post Climate Change 2014: Climate change beyond 2100, irreversibility and abrupt changes
Climate Change 2014: Observed changes in the climate system
17 Post Climate Change 2014: Future risks and impacts caused by a changing climate
15 Post William Gibson: Molly Millions
Climate Change 2014: Projected changes in the climate system
14 Post The Honored Dead
The Dominion of Fear
William Gibson: Flowers of Steel and Crystal
Richard Wilkinson: The Future of Equality
13 Post Climate Change 2014: Interaction among mitigation, adaptation, and sustainable development
Climate Change 2014: Key drivers of future climate and the basis on which projections are made
12 Post Climate Change 2014: Characteristics of mitigation pathways
Link Michael Sandel: Market Values
10 Post Richard Wilkinson: Equality, Justice and Security
Climate Change 2014: Characteristics of adaptation pathways
9 Post Climate Change 2014: Foundations of decision-making about climate change
Climate Change 2014: Climate change risks reduced by adaptation and mitigation
8 Post Charles Darwin: The Foundation Stone of Morality
Climate Change 2014: Response options for adaptation
Climate Change 2014: Response options for mitigation
7 Post Climate Change 2014: Common enabling factors and constraints for adaptation and mitigation responses
6 Post 40 Eridani A: Ideology and Fanaticism
5 Post Climate Change 2014: Trade-offs, synergies, and integrated responses
4 Post Richard Wilkinson: Dysfunctional Societies
3 Post Koctopus: One Dollar, One Vote
1 Link Tony Abbott: Decimating the CSIRO
Tony Abbott: Funding Bjorn Lomborg


30 Link Ministry of Plenty: 740 Park Avenue, New York
25 Post Charles Darwin: Religion
24 Post Climate Change 2014: Policy approaches for adaptation and mitigation, technology and finance
23 Post The Australian vs the Bureau of Meteorology
Link Sunday Profile: Lucy Perry
13 Post George Megalogenis: Riots in Paradise
10 Link Tony Abbott: Minister for Women
Preventing Terrorism
9 Link Bryan Stevenson: Killing All The Broken People
3 Post George Megalogenis: The Rich White Trash of Asia?
2 Link Sunday Profile: Julian Burnside


31 Post George Megalogenis: Tuning In To Globalisation
30 Post George Megalogenis: Expanding the Income Tax-Free Club
Psychological Dictionary
28 Post George Megalogenis: Economics Versus Ideology
27 Post George Megalogenis: The Age of the Rorter
Link Government cancels funding cuts to domestic violence legal support services
Expanders and Punishers
26 Post George Megalogenis: How Kennett Saved Keating
23 Post George Megalogenis: Cult of Prosperity
21 Post The Root of the Problem
20 Post A Potentially Hazardous Experiment
19 Post George Megalogenis: Born To Rule
Climate Change 2014: Future Climate Changes, Risks and Impacts
18 Link Justice For All
13 Post Climate Change 2014: Severe, Pervasive, and Irreversible Impacts
8 Link The Future of Capitalism
7 Post The Future of Electricity
Natural Ideas
Link The Benefits of Mindfulness
The Silent Extinction
6 Post The End of History
5 Post Climate Change 2014: Observed Changes And Their Causes
2 Post The Path of Siddhartha Gotoma


23 Post The Future: The Edge
18 Post Free Rational Agents
16 Link Drunk Tank Pink
15 Link Unburnable Carbon
Preparing for Financial Armageddon
13 Post Firestorm
Being and Becoming
8 Post The Future: Outgrowth
6 Post Necessary Evil
The Skeptical Denialist
3 Post Shadows of Liberty


26 Post Drug Wars
27 Post Supply and Demand
LinkEight Million Dollar Man
12 Link Throwing Away The Key
11 Post The Road to Hell is Paved With Coal
9 Post The Future: The Best Government Money Can Buy
LinkSaving Lives At Sea = Destroying Lives On Land
5 Post NewSpeak Dictionary
4 Post Saving Human Civilization
Link How Can The Rule Of Law Bring "Justness" And Not Just Justice?
What Does Everyday Courage Look Like?
3 Post No Quarter
2 Post Peacemaker
I Am Special

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