October 2, 2013


Free Market of Ideas

Date Title Page


22 Summary CSIS-CNAS: Security Implications of Climate Change
22 UNFCCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
20 Vulnerable People Independent Media Inquiry
18 Antiscience Merchants of Doubt: Ozone Wars
14 A Threat to Freedom Blue Army: Persons of Interest
12 The Human Hive British Broadcasting Commission
12 Opportunity George W Bush: America
8 Revolutionary Power Power: Tyrants and Revolutionaries
6 Policy, Implementation and Financing IPCC: Renewable Energy and Mitigation


26 Kingly Power Power: Priests and Kings
23 Climate Plan B Quarterly Essay
22 A Lethal Legacy ABC Radio National: Sunday Profile
22 Premature Harvesting ABC Television: Catalyst
16 The Mother of Necessity Merchants of Doubt: Acid Rain
13 Truth James Hansen
13 Support Independent Media Inquiry: Reform and Support
6 Fade to Black Quarterly Essay: Quarry Vision
3 Christian Physics ABC Television: Big Ideas
2 News Corporation vs Climate Science Blue Army: Communications


23 Astroturf John Grant
22 Modes of Regulation Independent Media Inquiry: Rights and Regulation
21 Accuracy and Fairness Andrew Bolt
21 Sons of the Cold War Merchants of Doubt: Star Wars
14 Values and Ethics in Schools Radio National: Life Matters
7 Effectiveness Independent Media Inquiry: Self-Regulation


30 Fairness Independent Media Inquiry: Broadcasting
26 Defamation Independent Media Inquiry: Standards and Laws
23 Concentration Independent Media Inquiry: Democracy, Industry Structure and Performance
15 Response CSIRO: Climate Science and Solutions
10 Behavior Climate Science and Solutions: Mitigation
7 Is America Doomed? BBC Radio 4: Analysis
6 Strangers in a Strange Land ABC Local Radio: Conversations


31 Environmentalism as Religion Counterpoint: 2011
28 Priorities and Opportunities Climate Science and Solutions: Adaptation
26 A Zero Tolerance for Lions Philosophical Quibbles
22 Aristotle's Politics BBC Radio 4: In Our Time
18 Four Degree World Royal Society
10 Health Climate Science and Solutions: Impacts
8 Projections Climate Science and Solutions: Science


31 Language-Using Apes Philosophy Now
26 Among the Dead Cities ABC Radio National: The Philosopher's Zone
23 State of the Climate - 2012 Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation
21 Impacts of Heat Waves in Urban Areas in Europe IPCC: Extreme Events and Disasters
7 Political and Economic Democracy TED: Technology, Entertainment and Design
5 What are the consequences of climate change? Australian Academy of Science


28 Lament of a Conservative ABC Radio National: Counterpoint
18 Profiting from the impoverishment of others is theft Charles Ferguson


18 12 Steps Towards a Sustainable Economy Prosperity Without Growth
11 Schizophrenia of the State Prosperity Without Growth: Chapters 8-10
14 Freedom for the Rich = Slavery for the Poor The Monthly
7 Regulation May Be Hazardous to Your Heath Blue Army: Finance, Research and Development
4 Keynesianism and the 'Green New Deal' Prosperity Without Growth: Chapters 5-7
3 The Greatest Generation or the Most Narcissistic? Atlantic


25 Weapons and Tactics Theater of War
20 Religion's Monopoly on Spirituality and Ethics ABC Radio National: Spirit of Things
15 The Dilemma of Growth Prosperity Without Growth: Chapters 2-4
12 Cultural Cognition of Risk Perception Cultural Cognition Project


31 Parallel Processes Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment
26 Ministry of Truth Blue Army: Theory and Doctrine

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